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On the Water

This is a design attempt to create a floating house in response to the rising of sea level. The floating condition is the core but also the challenge of this practice. Differentiating by the surface of the sea, this house embraced all three main spatial aspects: above, between and beneath the water. To challenge the traditional perceptions of the marine structures, the concept of 'boundaryless' is the goal to achieve. Through the transparency of the glass components, different spatial potentials between the living enclosure and the water have been explored throughout my design process.

1Draft for "Separation"




exploded.jpgExploded DiagramPencil on paper, 18"*24"

exploded.jpgFinal ModelWood, acrylic board, Approx. 14"*9"*5"

exploded.jpgPlan and SectionsPencil on paper, 8.5"*11"


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