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Undoing the Museum

In this project, art works were selected from the RISD Museum and rearranged into an exhibition with the theme of "ideal woman". Works depicting such ideal, especially from men, were hung on one side of the wall. On the other side hung a mirror with feminist works attempting to break such an idea. These works, together with the visitors' images in the mirror, cover up the reflection of the former works. Thus, it breaks this mental set and encourages women to pursue whatever they want for themselves, such as entrepreneurship or non-binary gender identities.This is a collaborative project between Yizhou Tan and Eun Hae Choi.Foam, mirror plexi, wood, paper, acrylic board, 1'*1'*3.3'


5.jpgLooking away vs. Looking straight ahead

5.jpg"Breeding Machines" vs. Entrepreneurship

5.jpgMarital Happiness vs. Genderqueer Identity

5.jpgGoddess vs. Cyborg

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