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Leaving Home

Drawing series inspired by both Los Carpinteros' drawing of cinder blocks and a dead plant in my room. Starting from a master copy of the artwork, the small drawings were an exploration of how the vines revive to take down the cinder blocks, how the man-made and the ghost of nature break and adopt each other. Later they developed into an organic city together. The series were eventually combined into an installation in a corner of the classroom, incorporating real walls into the experience.

1TransitionCompressed charcoal on paper, 8.5"*11", 2019

collageCollageCharcoal on paper, 24"*36", 2019

0Proyecto de Acumulacion de MaterialesLos Carpinteros, Alexandre Arrechea, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Marco Castillo, 1999
Image credit to Museum of Modern Art

2.jpgStructuresCompressed charcoal on paper, Approx. 80"*50", 2019

collage collage collage the Dead PlantPhotos taken by Yizhou Tan

5.jpgthe Final Installation, on display

4.pngthe Organic CityCompressed charcoal on paper, Approx. 100"*100", 2019

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